Crudo by Surrey Meat Packers
Crudo by Surrey Meat Packers

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    Surrey Meat Packers Ltd. (Saturday, 20 December 2014 20:09)

    Hi DJ,
    Each protein blend has a different ratio of bone, organ meat and vegetables, so it would depend on the type of food for this answer. Please give us a call at our Burnaby location 604-291-8799 to chat about your questions.

    Thank you for your inquiry.

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    DJ (Saturday, 20 December 2014 19:48)

    Can you please post the ratio bone, vegies, and organ meat in your blends? And is in the box frozen squares? Thanks!!!

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    Surrey Meat Packers Ltd. (Thursday, 11 December 2014 22:42)

    Hi Donna,
    Sorry to hear that you didn't get the answers you needed. Here are the facts: The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) approves all the meat we receive, so it is safe for our pets. Rest assured that your dog food is safe.
    Happy feeding!

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    Donna (Thursday, 11 December 2014 22:12)

    Just called Surrey and they don't have any idea if their Turkey or Chicken products are affected by the avian flu. Can you comment?

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    Surrey Meat Packers Ltd. (Thursday, 04 December 2014 21:41)

    Hi Arlene,
    All of the meat we receive is inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), so I would not worry about feeding your dogs our chicken, it is perfectly safe. Good luck with the upcoming litter.

    Thank you for feeding your dogs raw.

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    Surrey Meat Packers Ltd. (Thursday, 04 December 2014 21:36)

    Hi Tracy,
    Currently we don't have any plans in the works to ship to Victoria. That being said, if you gather enough people and place a large order, you could share the shipping costs and get our food over to the Island. Thank you for loving our product.

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    Arlene (Thursday, 04 December 2014 15:38)

    Hi, I bought 3 cases of bone in chicken on Dec 1st. My question is regarding the avian flu outbreak and whether any of you rchicken came from an affected farm. One of my bitches is pregnant. Please advise as soon as possible. Thank you

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    Tracy (Wednesday, 03 December 2014 06:56)

    Hi, we really love your products and prices, but there's no where in Victoria to buy your product. Are there any plans to team up with any local stores in the Greater Victoria area? (as you seem to have done in several other BC communities...)

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    Surrey Meat Packers Ltd. (Friday, 14 November 2014 01:55)

    Hi Winnie,
    The vegetables in our raw food, are as follows: Carrots, Bok Choy, and Romaine Lettuce.

    Thank you for your inquiry.

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    Winnie (Thursday, 13 November 2014)

    Hi there,

    Just wondering what kind of vegetables are in your raw foods?


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    Marisa (Tuesday, 24 June 2014 22:40)

    I order from Port McNeill and get it shipped from surrey!!Best Raw dog food ever!!! awesome service!!! I have been ordering for about two years and buy 500p at a time for myself!!! I would never feed my dogs kibble again after seeing and experiencing the benefits!!! Thanks so much Surrey Meat Packers for all your wonderful service and product!!! Talk to ya soon!!! Cheers Marisa, Copenhagen and Remington woof woof

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    Surrey Meat Packers Ltd. (Monday, 13 January 2014 11:32)

    Linda: Thanks for taking the time to post on the site.

    All our suppliers are located in B.C. and provide us with human-grade meats and poultry. We deal with the province's largest companies.

    As far as handling goes; the meat is purchased the day of killing and processed within the next two days, ensuring freshness.

    If you would like more information, please send us an email and we will gladly provide it.

    Thanks, again!

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    Linda (Saturday, 11 January 2014 23:04)

    Would love to switch my dog to raw food. Just wondering where do you get your chicken and beef from? soon as the meat arrives, how is it handled to ensure freshness, and prevent cross contamination?

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    Surrey Meat Packers Ltd. (Wednesday, 18 December 2013 18:15)

    Al: The bones are small, soft pieces that have been finely ground. Thanks for the post!

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    Al Lyson (Tuesday, 17 December 2013 19:39)

    I am wondering if the bone in your chicken, bone and veggie mix is actually bits of ground up bone, or bone meal, or something else? Thanks

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    Surrey Meat Packers Ltd. (Tuesday, 17 December 2013 18:50)

    K: We include 10% organ meat in all our vegetable blends, along with Plain Beef and Plain Lamb.

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    K (Monday, 16 December 2013 12:07)

    What percentage of organ meat do you include in the different varieties?

Crudo by Surrey Meat Packers

'Crudo' by Surrey Meat Packers' natural raw diet for dogs is available in Surrey, Burnaby, Vancouver and throughout British Columbia.