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CRUDO is now offering ground pork w/organ - $5.99/LB

CRUDO Price List

Dog Food

Our blends are packaged in 500g portions, which make them convenient and suitable for dogs of all sizes!

The various purchase options include:

  • Individual 500g tubes

  • Prepacked bags of 10 tubes

  • Bulk boxes containing 40 tubes



Plain Chicken

$2.99/lb in bag or $95.00/44lb box (Brick Format ONLY)

Chicken with Bone

$2.99/lb in bag or $90.00/44lb box

Chicken with Bone & Vegetables

$2.99/lb in bag or $90.00/44lb box

Beef, Chicken with Bone & Vegetables

$3.29/lb in bag or $109.50/44lb box

Chicken with Fine Bone & Vegetables

$2.99/lb in bag or $95.00/50lb box (Brick Format ONLY)


Plain Turkey

$2.99/lb in bag or $95.00/44lb Box (Brick Format ONLY)

Turkey with Bone & Vegetables

$3.99/lb in bag or $119.50/44lb box

Duck with Bone & Vegetables

$4.99/lb in bag or $134.50/44lb box

Red Meat


Plain Beef

$4.99/lb in bag or $134.50/44lb box

Beef & Vegetables

$4.99/lb in bag or $134.50/44lb box

Ground Green Beef Tripe (Brick Format)

$3.99/lb in bag or $70.00/25lb box


Plain Lamb

$5.99/lb in bag or $169.50/44lb box

Lamb & Vegetables

$5.99/lb in bag or $169.50/44lb box

Venison & Vegetables

$6.99/lb in bag or $244.50/44lb box


Ground Pork w/Organ

$5.99/lb in bag or $189.50/44lb box



Kangaroo w/Vegetables

$6.99/lb in bag or $244.50/44lb box





Bones & Treats


  • Beef Knuckle Bones $4.99/kg

  • Beef Marrow Bones $9.99/kg

  • Beef Marrow Bone Slices $11.99/kg

  • Beef Knuckle Bone Slices $9.99/kg

  • Lamb Necks $14.99/kg (Sliced Lamb Necks $16.98/kg)

  • Turkey Necks $8.80/kg in bag or $35 for a 5kg box

  • Chicken Necks $6.59/kg in bag

  • Chicken Backs & Necks $2.49/lb in bag or $80.00/44lb box (Special Order)

  • **We also carry a wide selection of miscellaneous bones, muscle meat and organs.

Dehydrated Treats

  • Beef Chews (Tendon) $40.00/kg

  • Beef Liver Treats $4.99/bag

  • Beef Liver Treats $35.00/1kg bag

  • Tripe Treats $4.99/bag

  • Moo Chews (Beef Trachea) $2.50/bag

  • Large Moo Chews $50.00/kg

Natural RAW Dog Food Products in Vancouver

CRUDO by Surrey Meat packers Ltd. is your go-to supplier for raw dog food In Vancouver. CRUDO products are ideal for most dogs as they contain all the necessary dietary requirements. A balanced diet is essential for your dog’s growth, overall health and cell maintenance. A happier, healthier pet means that you can spend more quality years with your beloved pet by your side. Contact Surrey Meat Packers Ltd. today for more information about the variety of raw food options.  


CRUDO is packed with nutrients that fulfill all the special dietary needs of your dog. Once on a CRUDO diet, you can expect to see the following health benefits:

  • A healthier, softer and shinier fur coat

  • A well hydrated pet from food that provides 60%+ moisture in each serving

  • Smaller stool that will decompose quickly and easily

  • Clean teeth, so you won’t have to take your pet for expensive teeth cleanings

  • Improved and/or eradicated allergy symptoms (if any present)

  • Reduced risk of arthritis and bone disease

  • Improved breath and overall oral health

  • Increased energy levels from increased nutrient absorption


Meat products by Surrey Meat packers Ltd. include potassium, iron, zinc and naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. Liver is added to the majority of our mixes to provide your dog with maximum health benefits. Our poultry products include bones, as they provide essential fatty acids, calcium and natural antioxidant/anti-ageing enzymes for your dog. Most of our mixes also include vegetables; however we offer some options without them, if you prefer to add your own vegetables.

The Benefits to Adding Liver:

Liver is the most concentrated source of vitamin A and should make up 10% of your pet’s diet. It also contains vitamins D, E, and K in substantial quantities. Liver is an excellent source of the minerals zinc, manganese, selenium and iron. It also contains all the B vitamins, particularly B2, B3, B5, biotin, folic acids, B12, and choline. It contains B1 in smaller amounts and is a good source of vitamin C. Liver provides a source of good quality protein and the essential fatty acids, both the omega-3 and omega-6 type.

Give your dogs the chance to experience these benefits with our natural raw dog food products. CRUDO is available in many retail stores across the province.

For serving portions, refer to the Raw Food Calculator.

Are you looking for natural dog food in Vancouver? Call us toll-free at 1-866-220-8869 or visit one of our locations to learn how you can purchase CRUDO in Vancouver.

Pet Food Products

We are your go-to source for raw dog food in the Lower Mainland

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