Frequently Asked Questions

"How should I prepare the food?"

We highly recommend thawing the frozen food in your fridge and not at room temperature. This will lower the risk of bacteria growth and extend the length of time it can be kept in the fridge. Remove the quantity you need from the freezer and allow 8-12 hours for thawing. To avoid meat sticking to the plastic once thawed, prepare the food by cutting and peeling off the casing when the product is still 20-30% frozen.  For smaller dogs, you can cut the tube into portions prior to removing the casing when 40-50% thawed.  Meat can be kept in the fridge for up to 2 days. 


"This is my first time feeding raw. What should I start with?"

Most dogs will digest poultry much better than red meats. We recommend starting with a chicken or turkey blend.


"Where does your meat come from?"

Our Chicken, Turkey and Beef are sourced locally, while our Duck comes from Eastern Canada.  Our Lamb and Venison come from New Zealand.  All our products are made from government inspected, human-grade meat.


"What are the advantages of organs and hearts in the dog food?"

Organ meats are very nutrient dense. Liver, for example, is rich in vitamin A. Organs are rich in enzymes and B vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12), vitamin D and folic acid, which are essential in your dog's diet. Hearts have a high taurine content, which is an essential amino acid.


"Why should I feed my dog raw food?"

Feeding your dog raw has many great benefits. Some include:

  •      Easy digestion
  •      Provides a shinier, healthier coat
  •      Healthier skin
  •      Cleaner teeth/better smelling breath
  •      High energy levels
  •      Better digestive systems/smaller, less frequent stools
  •      Less allergies
  •      Less chance of arthritis and bone disease
  •      Less trips to the vet!


"Is it okay for my dog to eat chicken bones?"

Yes.  As long as the bones are not cooked, they pose no threat to dogs.  Raw bones, especially those of chickens, are very soft and easily digested.  Raw bones provide many benefits for a dog's overall health. It is when chicken bones are cooked, that they become brittle and splinter easily, potentially causing damage.


"Do you carry supplements for dogs?"

Yes, we do carry supplements! We carry a broad selection of BiologicVet and Purica Recovery SA products.


"What else do you carry besides raw dog food?"

We carry a number of additional items including:

  • Various Healthy Treats
  • Beef, Lamb & Miscellaneous Bones
  • Chicken/Turkey/Lamb Necks
  • Chicken Hearts/Liver (Ground)/Feet/Carcasses
  • Beef Tripe & Beef Hearts (Sliced)
  • Various Supplements by Purica & Biologic Vet



Are CRUDO products not yet available in your area?  Be sure to contact your local pet food store to see if they are interested in becoming a CRUDO retailer!

Crudo by Surrey Meat Packers
Crudo by Surrey Meat Packers

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Crudo by Surrey Meat Packers

CRUDO by Surrey Meat Packers' natural raw diet for dogs is available in Surrey, Burnaby, North Vancouver and through select retailers.