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Surrey Meat Packers' raw diet dog food is now available at their Burnaby location

"Crudo's goal to provide a healthy & natural raw diet for dogs is maintained while preserving affordability for our customers."

Our product is now available in New Westminster!

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“Why Feed a Natural Raw Diet?”



  • our loveable dogs are derived from wolves, therefore, they are both omnivores and have almost identical digestive systems to each other.

  • canines thrive on raw, fresh meats, bones, organs and fresh vegetables.

  • dogs possess the proper enzymes to break down meats and vegetables, but not grains.

  • your dog will absorb all the vitamins, nutrients and minerals they need from raw food (this results in a smaller, dryer stool).

  • the nutrients in dry food are substantially eliminated during the cooking process.

  • grains are one of the biggest sources of allergies in dogs.

  • the dog's digestive system is able to digest raw food in as little as 5 hours as opposed to 12 hours when fed dry food.


Crudo by Surrey Meat Packers
Crudo by Surrey Meat Packers

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  • #86

    Surrey Meat Packers Ltd. (Saturday, 11 October 2014 23:35)

    Arnie: That's a great idea! We will have to look into the possibility of variety packs.

    Deja: Yes.. Our tripe is both, unprocessed and unbleached.

  • #85

    Deja (Tuesday, 07 October 2014 17:16)

    Is your tripe unprocessed and unbleached?

  • #84

    Arnie (Sunday, 05 October 2014 03:59)

    Why not offer a variety pack with different types of meats? More than just the beef and chicken 44 lbs boxes... My dog would really like it!!

  • #83

    Surrey Meat Packers Ltd. (Saturday, 27 September 2014 18:08)

    Eva: The majority of our products are hormone and antibiotic-free. Please give us a call for more information.

    Thanks for the post!

  • #82

    Eva (Tuesday, 23 September 2014 17:35)

    Is your dog food free of antibiotics ?

  • #81

    Surrey Meat Packers Ltd. (Saturday, 06 September 2014 01:54)

    Holly: Unfortunately, we do not have the caloric intake information available at this time. This is something we will be looking into once we have the resources.

  • #80

    Holly (Wednesday, 03 September 2014 23:41)

    Need to obtain your calorie per lb for the meat/bone and veggie ... I have a diabetic dog and it is crucial - I have looked and asked everywhere with no luck or response .. please

  • #79

    Surrey Meat Packers Ltd. (Tuesday, 02 September 2014 18:29)

    Loraley: Our chicken/bone & vegetables meets your criteria.

    Marnie: Here is the breakdown of our chicken/bone & vegetables:

    Crude Protein (min):12.5%
    Crude Fat(min):10%
    Crude Fibre(max):1%

  • #78

    Marnie (Sunday, 31 August 2014 23:34)

    Hi, I'm interested in the moisture, protein, fat, fiber and calcium breakdown of your chicken, veg and bone raw food. Is that info on your site?

  • #77

    Loraley (Saturday, 30 August 2014 00:57)

    Which meat and vegg with bone is the lowest in protein and fat?

  • #76

    Surrey Meat Packers Ltd. (Tuesday, 26 August 2014 22:14)

    Jerry: The final breakdown is on its way.

    Melanie: All our tripe comes from grass-fed cows.

    Hazel: The Chicken/Bone & Veg contains approximately 8-10% bone.

    Tracy: We recommend alternating between the duck and the beef, or adding a source of bone such as chicken/turkey necks to your dog's diet.

  • #75

    Tracy (Tuesday, 26 August 2014 02:09)

    My dog used to be on duck 6 months ago and her stool was whitish and crumbly (as I've been told it should be with raw food), but then we switched to the beef/veg combo 4 months ago and ever since, her stool has been black and pasty. She's a frenchy and she seems to have more gas with the beef as well. Do you think the lack of bone in the beef/veg combo could account for that and the black stools?

  • #74

    Hazel (Friday, 15 August 2014 00:01)

    What is the percentage of bone in the chicken bone & vegetable mix? I've been feeding it to my samoyed, but I am having issues with her anal glands. It was suggested that she needs more bone to make larger stools so her glands don't get full. I do give her chicken carcasses daily, but usually one carcass is enough for 2 days.

  • #73

    Melanie (Thursday, 14 August 2014 23:30)

    Hi, I was wondering if the green tripes were from grass fed cows only?

  • #72

    Jerry (Sunday, 03 August 2014 12:39)

    Still looking for that nutritional breakdown you promised. Any update on when it will be listed on the site?

  • #71

    Marisa (Tuesday, 24 June 2014 22:40)

    I order from Port McNeill and get it shipped from surrey!!Best Raw dog food ever!!! awesome service!!! I have been ordering for about two years and buy 500p at a time for myself!!! I would never feed my dogs kibble again after seeing and experiencing the benefits!!! Thanks so much Surrey Meat Packers for all your wonderful service and product!!! Talk to ya soon!!! Cheers Marisa, Copenhagen and Remington woof woof

  • #70

    Surrey Meat Packers Ltd. (Tuesday, 17 June 2014 01:13)

    Carrie H.: Our Surrey location sells a Chicken & Veg without Bone. It is, however, packaged and portioned differently than the rest of our products.

    Lisa: We offer the tripe separately, but not mixed in with our products. We may recommend trying the Chicken/Beef & Vegetable mix if you would like to add beef to the diet. Alternately, you may surely switch between Chicken/Bone & Vegetable and Beef & Vegetable.

    Hope this helps :)

  • #69

    Lisa (Thursday, 12 June 2014 22:33)

    I've been feeding my dog raw food for a few months now, and these posts and your replies have piqued my interest and raised a bunch of questions! Do you make a raw combination of either beef and/or chicken with bone & veggies which includes tripe? Also, I've been feeding my dog the chicken, bone & veg mix(she loves it!), and am now wondering if I should alternate and feed her the beef & veg combo? Dogs require the amino acids in beef, so I'm concerned that the chicken isn't enough? Thanks!

  • #68

    Carrie H. (Monday, 09 June 2014 23:26)

    We've been buying your food for our dogs for years. They love it! Do you guys sell poultry/veggie mix without bones?


  • #67

    Surrey Meat Packers Ltd. (Saturday, 24 May 2014 23:10)

    Rhonda: We are so happy to hear your dogs love our product. Unfortunately, we don't have the means of distributing our product to the States as of now.

    Alex: There is 10% organ meat added to the Beef & Vegetable mixture.

    Thanks for the comments!

  • #66

    Alex (Friday, 23 May 2014 05:11)

    I just wanted to Clarify on whether there is Organ meat in the Beef/Veggie Mixture ?

  • #65

    Rhonda (Thursday, 22 May 2014 19:46)

    I would like to know are you going to offer your raw food products in the states..I have been buying from you for years..My dogs love your chicken/bone with veggies..I go to the states and sometimes it's hard to get across

  • #64

    Surrey Meat Packers Ltd. (Monday, 12 May 2014 18:36)

    Jerry: That information is correct. It will be on our labels once we have finalized them.

    Darla: Our listed prices are our wholesale and retail prices.

    Yvonne: All our products are made from human-grade meats. The poultry is non-medicated.

  • #63

    Yvonne (Saturday, 10 May 2014 13:14)

    Is your meat non-medicated and human-grade?

  • #62

    Darla (Wednesday, 07 May 2014 09:54)

    Do you have addition pricing for larger quantities? I am looking for 200 lb of beef.

  • #61

    Jerry (Friday, 02 May 2014)

    I found a breakdown on this site: http://www.nupetfooddelivery.com/crudo-beef-chicken-with-bone-vegetables-44-lb-box/ Is that accurate? Crude Protein (min): 13%

    Crude Fat (min): 11.5%

    Crude Fibre (max): 1%

    Moisture (max): 69%

  • #60

    Surrey Meat Packers Ltd. (Friday, 25 April 2014 14:05)

    Jerry: The nutritional information will be posted on the website within the upcoming months. Stay tuned!

  • #59

    Surrey Meat Packers Ltd. (Friday, 25 April 2014 14:04)

    Tracy: Our Beef & Vegetable mix doesn't contain bone. It is not likely your French Bulldog would be allergic to any of the vegetables we use in our products. We recommend mixing approximately 15% tripe into the meals.

  • #58

    Jerry (Friday, 18 April 2014 12:33)

    I don't see the nutritional breakdown for your products - % fat, protein, etc. where can I find that information?

  • #57

    Tracy (Friday, 18 April 2014 00:12)

    Regarding your "Beef and Vegetables" mix:
    Does it have any bone, and in what proportion?
    Is it possible and/or likely that a French Bulldog could be allergic to carrots, bok choy or romane lettuce, or is it typically a particular type of meat?
    In what percentage should tripe be added to a dog's daily meal? Thanks so much!

  • #56

    Surrey Meat Packers Ltd. (Saturday, 12 April 2014 12:39)

    Ed: Carrots, bok choy and romaine lettuce are used.

    Jeanne: Hopefully you were able to arrange with one of our stores.

    Thanks for the posts!

  • #55

    Ed (Monday, 07 April 2014 19:08)

    What vegetables are used to make up the veggie content? Thanks

  • #54

    Surrey Meat Packers Ltd. (Monday, 07 April 2014 12:14)

    Kayrn: We sell raw bones, tripe and organ separately.

    Wanda: Please call us at 604-291-8799. We will do our best to assist you.

    Donna: We are so thrilled to hear that!

    Gordon: 45% chicken, 25% beef, 20% Vegetables, 10% organ.

    Pat: The beef contains 10% organs. Please call us at 604-574-5241. We will do our best to assist you with the tripe.

    Judy: Our meat does not come from culled animals.

    Leo: We grind the chicken carcass meat & necks.. Beef trim & heart.

  • #53

    Leo (Monday, 07 April 2014 02:00)

    I was wondering if your chicken meats come from the carness? What part of the chicken is grinded up? also for the beef.

  • #52

    Judy (Thursday, 03 April 2014 22:36)

    Hi is your meat come from culled animals? Thanks!

  • #51

    Pat (Wednesday, 02 April 2014 09:13)

    I guess I should have said "re-grind" the tripe, as I see that it is ground already, but not finely enough for my cats. I really have to bury it in the overall mix!

  • #50

    Pat (Wednesday, 02 April 2014 09:10)

    Does your plain ground beef contain any organs or tripe? If so, in what proportions? I am feeding cats, so I don't want any vegetables. I find the green tripe VERY difficult to grind myself, so I'm hoping there is some (and organs) in the beef. Otherwise, how much would I have to buy to get you folks to grind some tripe for me? I don't have a deep freeze, and just add about 10% tripe to my cats' mix. They definitely won't eat it as it comes!

  • #49

    Gordon (Tuesday, 01 April 2014 12:41)

    What is the % breakdown on your mixed? (beef/chicken/organs/bone/vegetables).

  • #48

    Donna (Monday, 31 March 2014 20:40)

    My dog will be 13 years old in April and has been on a raw diet since he was 3 mos. old. He's doing really good for 82 in people years!

  • #47

    Wanda (Sunday, 16 March 2014 19:00)

    Are all your meals such as the chicken veg & bone mix sold frozen in the 1lb chub bag or is there a way to get some fresh and portion it out myself. I have a small 20 lb dog who so far only has one of his two meals as raw.

  • #46

    Kayrn (Friday, 14 March 2014 12:04)

    Looking for something with this ratio. Do you have anything?
    30-40% Raw Meaty Bones
    25-30% Vegetable Mix and/or Tripe
    30-35% Organ Meat

  • #45

    Surrey Meat Packers Ltd. (Monday, 03 March 2014 16:36)

    Carol: Our meat and vegetables are all purchased from local suppliers.

    Lindsey: The chicken/bone/veg contains 20% vegetables, 10% organ while neither is added to chicken/bone.

  • #44

    Lindsey (Monday, 24 February 2014 23:42)

    Hi there, Could you break down the percentages of organ/meat/veg in your chicken with bone vs chicken with bone and veg? Thank you!

  • #43

    Carol Jackson (Monday, 24 February 2014 18:32)

    Where do your meat and vegetables come from?

  • #42

    Surrey Meat Packers Ltd. (Thursday, 13 February 2014 04:32)

    Pat: There is nothing added to the meat. All our products contain meat or meat & organ or meat & organ & vegetables. Thanks :)

  • #41

    Pat (Sunday, 09 February 2014 13:01)

    Sorry... I think you answered my latest question when you wrote "No fillers, chemicals, by-products"? Please confirm... There is NOTHING added to the meat (other than vegatables, if they are on the label)?

  • #40

    Surrey Meat Packers Ltd. (Saturday, 08 February 2014 11:54)

    Jim: Our product is not currently available in other provinces.

    Pat: All our products are made with human-grade meats and poultry. Human-grade meat is legally suitable and approved for consumption by a person (i.e. No fillers, chemicals, by-products).

  • #39

    Pat (Thursday, 06 February 2014 15:08)

    Is your pet food human grade meat, and if not, what is the difference between human grade and non-human grade?

  • #38

    Jim (Friday, 31 January 2014 18:23)

    Is your product available in other provinces?

  • #37

    Surrey Meat Packers Ltd. (Monday, 27 January 2014 17:10)

    Carmen: We do not currently offer the duck or venison without the added 20% vegetables.

Crudo by Surrey Meat Packers

'Crudo' by Surrey Meat Packers' natural raw diet for dogs is available in Surrey, Burnaby, Vancouver and throughout British Columbia.